The word ‘Umumo’ is derived from the Zulu idiom “simi ngomumo”, which loosely translated means, “we are ready”. After having acquired vast mining knowledge and experience, working with multiple commodities in the mining sector for many years, Melusi Matholeni and Jabulani Mhlongo decided that “they were ready” to venture into business. The two founding members had identified a gap in the market for a mining services company owned by black mining engineers, who were passionate and had a strong understanding of the mining sector. In 2015, Umumo Mining Services was born. During its inception, the founders had brought along their  skills that included consulting, project management, mine planning, mine management and general management, thus enabling Umumo Mining Services to grow into the fully-fledged entity that it is today.

Value proposition:

Providing tailor-made, cost-effective, value-adding and innovative mining services and solutions.

Why choose Umumo Mining Services?

Umumo Mining Services combines the deployment of a competent and suitable quality workforce with a well-maintained and reliable fleet of machinery to deliver on its value proposition.

Client Profile

Our customer base at Umumo Mining Services’ varies from junior, mid-tier to large mining companies. We aim to help our customers achieve their goals by providing them with the necessary assistance and tools needed to make their mining operations run smoother. Whether it be achieving higher production targets, cost containment, retaining clients, legal compliance or even delaying capital investments, our clients enjoy effective mining services and are assured of a peace of mind.


Melusi Matholeni

Melusi is currently appointed as the Managing Director of Umumo Mining Services. His areas of responsibility mainly include business development, strategy formulation and execution as well as corporate governance. Melusi’s mining experience spans across coal, platinum and manganese mining environments. He has been exposed to bord and pillar, pillar extraction and adit mining methods. Melusi has acquired skills in capital projects, small project portfolio management, consulting, EPCM, shaft sinking, mine management and stakeholder engagement. He is a self-motivated individual who thrives on challenges, values teamwork and is driven by a purpose to make a meaningful contribution to society.

Jabulani Mhlongo

Jabulani is currently appointed as Head of Operations of Umumo Mining Services. His areas of responsibility mainly include strategy formulation and implementation, project execution, business improvement as well as legal compliance. Jabulani is a dynamic individual who has mining experience spanning from underground diamond mining, manganese open cast mining to iron ore surface mining. He is a career focused individual who has gained skills in production, mine technical services, project management, business improvement, mine management and general management. His exposure on both production management and technical side of mining has resulted in Jabulani having strong mining business acumen. He is a results driven individual who works well with a team or individually with excellent interpersonal and communication skills.